Coming clean about diesel

Four years on, and the aftermath of the diesel emissions scandal continues to hamper consumer confidence in diesel. Once accepted as, and still very much today, a super clean, efficient fuel source, its reputation has been tarnished in recent years, thanks largely too often inaccurate and misinformed headlines in the media. Here, Delphi Technologies, a […]

Petrol and diesel fuel RENAMED at filling stations

News report from MR Motoring Research-News (By Ethan Jupp) Petrol and diesel have got themselves a new identity. You’ll now find petrol labelled E5 and diesel labelled B7 at filling stations. Fear not, though: it remains obvious exactly which is which, with pumps keeping the ‘unleaded’ and ‘diesel’ labels, too. What are the new fuel […]

What is the future of diesel

Modern engines are sophisticated. Driven by the need for lower emissions, fuel injection systems now cope with much higher pressures, temperatures and voltages. This gives the user a cleaner, more efficient and more powerful machine. FuelBright additives have been created using over forty years of experience in the fuel injection industry. They have been tested […]

Excellent 2 days in Westminster

Thomas Group exhibited and took part in Future Fleet Forum organised by LAPV. Illustrating the success of The Diesel 1000 fuel trials at Wakefield council, Thomas Group Directors Neil Eldridge, Kevin O’Sullivan and Richard Thomas joined international delegates, government officials, national fleet and local council fleet representatives at the 2019 Future Fleet Forum. The topics […]

Results speak for themselves

Wakefield Council to trial autonomous fuel dosing using Diesel 1000-Latest update After six months of continually dosing 6 bulk storage sites equating to 600,000 litres of fuel and gaining continued improvements in maintenance, fuel usage and emissions. Newton Bar has been selected for automated dosing of Diesel 1000 fuel additive, this will be fully integrated […]