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Fuel Additive Specialists
Thomas Additive produces a range of specialist fuel additives - petrol/gasoline, diesel and other variations including bio-fuel and thin fuels.
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Thomas Group was originally formed in 1977 as J.A.Thomas Fuel Injection Engineers. 

Later the company became Thomas Auto Injection Centre, known worldwide for its technical expertise and parts sales.

Since beginning as a purely diesel orientated workshop auto electrics, petrol injection, air conditioning and electronic tuning have been added to our range of services.

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Challenging and exciting

After many years in the fuel injection industry, we are finding modern technologies both challenging and exciting. There have been many innovations along the way, from mechanical to electronic, and to create more power from smaller engines and to reduce harmful emissions.

We now enter an era of multiple fuel/power sources for engines to help the world breath easier. Tech never stops.

We will continue to invest, believing that all repair work should be done ‘in-house,’ to manufacturer standard.

Our parts sales division has seen a natural progression and utilises our technical expertise. We know what’s in the box and how it works.

Global distribution

Over the past forty years our customer base has grown from local businesses to companies worldwide.

Investment in online sales has helped the company grow by selling high quality, manufacturer branded products.

Our range will continue to evolve as we add premium brands and parts.


We believe the most important part of our business is people. Foremost are our customers, our aim is to provide the best possible service we can. Feedback on our performance is always welcome.

Equally we value our employees. A team is made of many parts. Investing in people is more important than any new equipment.