With the world and society becoming more and more internet based everyday, more and more companies are starting to use social media to drive traffic to their websites, gain more sales but most of all to build brand awareness and a community that has used, still uses and may use their business in the future.

For DENSO, their social media has been country specific but due to the company growing bigger in recent years they have decided to expand their social media presence in order to engage with a larger community.

Their social media accounts are not only UK based but now reach the whole of Europe.

DENSO are headed in a positive direction with upgrading their social media accounts and reaching a larger audience.

When the Thomas Group started up their social media again in August 2021, more and more companies had been introduced to the world of ecommerce and social media due to the lockdowns and how society developed to overcome certain situations.

We’ve obtained a good following on all platforms and are continuing to grow our online presence through the Thomas Group but also through our sub brands Vehicle Parts Market and Diesel Parts Direct.