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In the last year, 143 garages have had their MOT accreditation withdrawn. 20 prosecutions have also been issued out of the 1362 suspected cases.

The DVSA has been and still is encouraging garages to use more modern test equipment and is testing the use of cameras during the MOT to prevent fraud. They are cracking down on this due to the number of MOT cases where the DVSA had to intervene because of fraud and negligence, has increased by 5.3%.

Due to this increase DVSA has introduced a service that the public can use. It allows individuals to report garages where they believe there are falsified MOT results and wrongfully issuing MOT certificates.

The report states, “The agency maintains both fraud and bribery, and whistleblowing policies which are available to all colleagues online. All reported instances of fraud and bribery are investigated.”

Due to the increase in figures over the past year, the DVSA has made MOT fraud and bribery one of their main focuses as they are committed to protecting both the driver of the vehicle and the vehicle testing services.

Source: Garage Wire