If you have all been keeping up with the news recently, you will have seen that both Petrol and Diesel prices are on a major increase and have hit a new record of 151.57p a litre?

How can we help?

If you can’t stomach the price of fuel or you can’t be bothered to queue up for hours waiting to get fuel, try our diesel additive.

An efficient diesel fuel system paired with our premium diesel additive can not only reduce your fuel cost but it will also reduce your emissions too!

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We are also aware that in the rush of getting fuel, trying to fill your vehicle up as quickly as possible because there are other angry, fed up people sat behind you, you may just reach for the wrong fuel pump.

We all do it at some point, so there is no need to panic. We can make your fuel system right again, give us a call on 01233 642816.

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