Kia, the car manufacturer, commissioned a nationwide survey which identified that a major proportion of UK motorists have changed their driving habits in order to save money because of the cost-of-living crisis.

37% of people are now saying they are not using their car for short urban journeys and instead are walking or cycling where possible.

33% of individuals surveyed say they pay more attention to where they can refuel or recharge their vehicle more affordably and in addition, 28% of those people now make more of an effort to plan journeys so that they save fuel.

Behaviors are changing as drivers are taking extra caution when driving to try and safe money. This being accelerating less often and keeping to a lower speed.

Although quite a few people are trying to change their driving styles, 52% of individuals are still wanting to know how to adapt their driving to save fuel.

Here are some tips:

There is a lot of different advice and tips online that you can read through however these are the ones that we think are most important.

Source: Garage Wire