Live from the Thomas Workshop an injector extraction was performed, removing them from a Fiat 500.

*Please note this is not a tutorial on how to extract injectors and it should never be performed by anyone but an experienced professional*

Step 1

Ian, first makes sure the tool to remove the injectors is in the correct positioning so that it doesn’t damage the vehicle and it gets the injector out in one piece. Injector extraction is difficult and must always be carried out by a professional.

This is the engine of a Fiat 500 which needed the injectors removed.

Step 2

This is what the tool looks like once installed on the engine. This allows Ian to now remove the injectors from the vehicle without damaging any other parts of the engine or vehicle.

Step 3

This is the injectors out of the vehicle!

As you can see there is plenty of rust, grime and general wear and tear on these injectors.

We did after the removal, replace and fit new injectors to the vehicle.

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For reference, this is what a clean, brand new injector look like compared to the injectors Ian pulled out from the Fiat 500.

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