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Injector & Glowplug Removal

Injectors, glow plugs, and spark plugs are all screwed into the cylinder head of an engine and often become stuck and need to be extracted by a specialist.

The cause is water and dirt ingress, causing the two items to fuse together so tightly that only an experienced engineer can separate them.

We can supply new injectors or glow plugs after an extraction, if needed.

Injector & Glowplug Removal

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Why us?

The removal of seized, snapped injectors and glow plugs from cylinder heads can save the engine owner a lot of time and money, when it is performed efficiently. The opposite is true when they are badly removed, causing unnecessary damage to a valuable cylinder head and possibly the engine.

Many tool companies will sell injector and glow plug removal tool kits. There are many different kits for many different types of injector. However, what they don’t tell you is that a level of skill and experience is required to go with it. This is especially true if someone has previously tried before appointing the services of an experienced engineer.

We have experienced technicians that have years of accumulated ‘know-how’, from gentle persuasion to numerous tons of hydraulic force. The trick is to know what to use and when.