Kevin O’Sullivan attended the OWL Live Midlands event yesterday which focuses on sustainability and how as individuals and companies we are maintaining this.

Our set up at the event!

“Another excellent OWL event yesterday in the Midlands, some thought provoking seminars/presentations. Thankyou to all those who visited the Thomas Group table, rising fuel costs was the topic of conversation (along with Boris resigning!). We look forward to follow-up visits and discussions to show how Thomas are helping to make fuel/environmental savings”

– Kevin O’Sullivan, Director

Rising Fuel Costs – How can we help?

The Stanadyne Performance Formula can be added to your diesel fuel tank to not only protect and clean your vehicle’s fuel system but also to make your fuel last longer.

Prices have risen to £1.98 per litre of diesel over the past few months which is a record for the price of diesel. Using the performance formula, you can save money on fuel as it will last longer.