The Thomas Group are taking part in the OWL Wales Live Event (Optimised Waste & Logistics).

About the event:

OWL Live Wales, held on 31 March 2022, at Voco St Davids in Cardiff, brings together suppliers from the waste, transport and logistics industries to develop products and services that are genuinely integrated. It highlights emission reduction solutions that fleet operators can implement right now, including transitional technologies such as intelligent fuel injection systems, HVO and fuel additives. The event also focuses on cleaning up the air we breathe through existing technology such as electric propulsion and alternative fuels.

The Thomas Group are pleased to announce that Fleet Factors are joining us as our partner for the event!

How are the Thomas Group sustainable?

Due to the event focusing on sustainability, despite being a diesel workshop we have our ways of maintaining sustainability and making diesel engines the best they possibly can be.

  1. Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive

Our Stanadyne diesel fuel additive will improve the overall performance of your vehicle. It cleans the fuel meaning it protects your whole diesel engine from getting contaminated or destroyed. It also reduces the emissions the diesel engine emits, therefore causing less pollution.

What have we done before?

We done thousands of fuel fill ups with Thomas additive for the 500-strong fleet, to try and reduce maintenance costs, reduce vehicle emissions and improve machine performance. This is known as the Wakefield Case Study

Over an 18 month period, we monitored the fuel and how the Thomas additive helped it. These are the results we obtained:

This is just a snippet of what Sales Director Kevin O’Sullivan will be talking about at the event, we can’t wait to be there!?