Parker Hannifin is a global company and brings its engine filtration expertise to more than 50 countries worldwide. It has sales companies in all major territories that offer customer support on a local scale and this is complemented by an extensive distribution network that provides technical support as well as stocking products. ´╗┐

Parker chooses its network partners carefully, ensuring that they share the same ethos of quality and reliability that underpins everything that the manufacturer stands for. This makes Thomas Group, with whom Parker works to supply the Alliance Automotive Group, GroupAuto network and Top Truck workshops, an ideal match. Thomas Group has a dedicated sales team, complemented by factory support, and works with its customers to deliver the highest level of customer care.

Parker is a leading developer and manufacturer of filtration technology for commercial vehicle and other specialist markets and produces OE filtration products for many of the world’s best-known CV brands. Many products are developed with vehicle makers as first-fit parts and then supplied as OE replacement parts: these are identical and are made in the same Parker factories to the same rigorous quality standards. Volvo, Ford, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco and Scania all rely on Parker.

As one of the leading diesel fuel injection businesses in the UK, Thomas Group understands the importance of fuel quality and recognises the benefits of using OE parts when carrying out authorised repairs. Thomas Group uses its knowledge and experience to bring to its sales channel the benefits of Parker’s tried and tested range. It knows all too well how important continued operation is to the profitability of CV operators and, consequently, the real financial benefits that can be reaped from the use of OE-quality components.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Sales Director, Thomas Group, comments:

“Understanding the latest protection technology and knowing the needs of your industry is pivotal in providing the best service. Thomas Group has over 40 years expertise in fuel injection and, as makers of fuel additives, we are well placed to help our customers maintain the highest level of fuel quality.”

Because of its relationship with the big brands in vehicle manufacturing, Parker is able to supply not only replacement filter elements but also heads and bowls, making up complete filtration assemblies. A cracked filter bowl can be the difference between a truck being out on the road working and earning or standing idle in the yard. By making these parts readily available through the Alliance Automotive Group, GroupAuto and TopTruck channel, Thomas Group is helping to ensure that fleets are kept running.

Customer support´╗┐

Parker Hannifin’s product management team offers expert guidance on market and product applications. The company also has a range of online product search and selection tools that enable customers to find what they need quickly and easily. Parker’s aftermarket catalogue provides cross-reference guidance by key OEM. This enables customers to select a complete filtration offering for their medium or heavy-duty truck. Additionally, enquiries can be sent to Parker’s [email protected] address where users need help or assistance relating to their specific application or [email protected] for any product/distribution assistance.

Using a sophisticated and highly equipped testing facility at its main UK manufacturing plant, Parker ensures that its filtration products perform to the highest standards in all vehicles, temperatures and operating conditions. Extensive fuel analysis and testing is used to make sure that filters continue to deliver the optimum performance, extending engine life and minimising equipment downtime.

Together, Thomas Group and Parker Hannifin provide the customers of the Alliance Automotive Group with an unrivalled combination of OE quality filtration product, technical expertise and ease of selection and purchase. It all adds up to an impressive offering for the end customer. 

Derek Martin, Parker Hannifin Filter Division Europe

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