By Graham Williams, Workshop Manager, Thomas Injection

Vehicles covered: 

All that use Delphi injectors but particularly Renault 1.5, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar, Kia.


Long cranking periods when engine cold. Fords will reduce power and light engine 

malfunction lamp under load e.g. accelerating uphill or overtaking. Switching off and then back on will bring back normal running until next acceleration.


Injector control valves are worn allowing a high return flow back to fuel tank. Vehicle control unit is unable to keep required high pressure. Fault code logged for pressure control.


We offer at Thomas Injection an economical repair which gives significant savings over exchange and new units, and at a faster turnaround. A new control valve is fitted with Delphi tooling and the injector tested to ensure all is correct.


Each injector must be returned to the same cylinder that it was removed from.

About the author

Graham  Williams is the Thomas Injection Workshop Manager and has worked with diesel injection systems and auto electrical systems for over 45 years. He is a Bosch System Technician and a CAV diesel master repairer.

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