As much as it is nice to have the inside of your car clean, a study by microbiologists at Aston University has said that car interiors could be hosting dangerous bacteria.

In the winter months, our vehicles are used more and will get dirty quicker due to muddy shoes and muddy paws if you are a dog owner. It has been found that the harmful bacteria, E. coli, is usually bought into the car this way.

A mixture of the E. coli bacteria and the common bacteria’s coming from coughs, colds and illnesses can spread around the interior of the car. This is why it is more important to keep it clean.

A survey of 2000 UK motorists, carried out by ‘Carzoo‘ a used car dealer, found that car owners only ‘deep’ clean their vehicle once every 11 weeks.

Within the 11 weeks, a lot of bacteria can spread and grow within the interior of the vehicle which is why it is incredibly important to keep it clean.

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Source: Garage Wire