Wakefield Council to trial autonomous fuel dosing using Diesel 1000-Latest update

After six months of continually dosing 6 bulk storage sites equating to 600,000 litres of fuel and gaining continued improvements in maintenance, fuel usage and emissions. Newton Bar has been selected for automated dosing of Diesel 1000 fuel additive, this will be fully integrated using onsite fleet software prompting additive dosing at each fuel delivery.

“Our aim is to give fleet owners trouble free financial and maintenance benefits without disruption to their business.”

4.8% Saving

Resounding Success

Results speak for themselves. Analysis of data from over 8,800 fuel fill-ups for the 500-strong fleet revealed a significant fuel saving of 2.12% within 3months which has increased to 4.8% in 6mths over 19,000 fill-ups. In addition, 100% of vehicles selected for emission testing showed considerable reductions, which in today’s environment bodes well for both the transport industry and efforts to achieve ambitious government targets for air pollution.

Pete Johnson, Service Manager for Transport Services Wakefield Council, commented:

“The trial has given very positive results and fuel savings based on robust data. This, along with the reduction in emissions and maintenance costs means, the trial using Diesel 1000 was a resounding success.”

Further benefits. Improved engine performance will be gained as the high-quality additive will remove the build-up of internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs) to protect against power loss and even restore lost power over time. Furthermore, by providing constant lubrication, DIESEL 1000 has been proven to extend the life of engine components by protecting against the degradation of the fuel injection system. In doing so, vehicle operators can expect reduced maintenance costs, protect their fleets and maximise the return on their investment.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Sales Director Thomas Group “working in partnership with Wakefield Council, has delivered proven real time results and benefits that gives the industry confidence in gaining the same benefits”

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