Under Pressure: Part 1 of the diesel injection evolution

Two of the largest gains of diesel injection development throughout the years have been electronic control and higher injection pressures. The greater the injection pressure, the more finely both the injector and injection nozzle will be constructed giving a droplet less gas like injection mixture. This improves atomisation and results in a better air-fuel mixture, […]

Avoiding servicing over cost fears is “alarming”

Half of UK drivers worry about unexpected car bills Millions of motorists are avoiding car maintenance over fears of unexpected problems, with many admitting that they avoid getting their car serviced in case vehicle faults are found. Around half of UK drivers (47 per cent) worry about having to pay for unexpected car repairs. The […]

Thomas Injection-Delphi Eco-fix injector repair

By Graham Williams, Workshop Manager, Thomas Injection Vehicles covered:  All that use Delphi injectors but particularly Renault 1.5, Ford Mondeo, Jaguar, Kia. Fault:  Long cranking periods when engine cold. Fords will reduce power and light engine  malfunction lamp under load e.g. accelerating uphill or overtaking. Switching off and then back on will bring back normal […]

We are the only diesel workshop able to do this in the UK.

When you need to have your Yanmar Eco pump serviced it is vital to have the vehicle ECU re-programmed with the new fuel pump settings to keep the emissions, performance and operating correct to original specifications. We will re-programme your ECU free of charge with every pump service. Just put it in with the pump […]

As good as new!

This pump had been used with contaminated fuel which seized the pumping plunger. After a full strip down and clean, all the worn parts were replaced. It was then set up on the test bench and the ECU re flashed with the new data. It is now as good as new. For Diesel pump enquiries […]

Yanmar pump in need of a service

This was fully disassembled, cleaned and new parts prepared – to a rebuilt and tested unit, ready to be refitted to the engine. This will continue to work for many more years with Yanmar legendary reliability . All pumps and injectors serviced at Thomas Group are treated in this way.  “Hand built engineering by technicians with […]


Tackling the issue of the legacy fleet of older diesel vehicles will help speed up efforts to make Europe’s air cleaner. In 2015, diesel vehicles made up 42 percent of the total fleet of passenger vehicles in the EU. Although new Euro 6d-temp vehicles meet current emissions standards, the older diesel vehicles that remain on […]


Diesel is key to sustainable transport. Its high fuel-efficiency, which produces lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and advanced emission controls make it suitable for achieving CO2 reduction targets and climate change goals. According to the Global Carbon Project’s report of November 2017, after a stable three-year period, global CO2 emissions are set to rise by 2%. This is […]