The price in energy has increased majorly causing those who have electric vehicles to have a very expensive energy bill. It has been proven that owners who use the ‘rapid’ public charging points were paying almost the same for electricity as they would be paying for petrol per mile. Although it is cheaper if they charge their vehicle at home, the bills are on a constant increase.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been blamed for the recent rise in both electricity and gas prices and there is no hope for them to get any cheaper. Due to this it has deterred people from getting an electric vehicle.

The RAC carried out some research and they found that the cost to charge an electric car on a ‘pay as you go’ basis has increased to 63.29p per kWh which averages around 18p per mile for electricity.

For someone with a petrol car, that is only 1p less for someone that drives an average of 40 miles to the gallon.

Quite a few people are thinking about getting an electric vehicles because of the price of fuel. However, these figures show that the gap and the amount of money these individuals would save is narrowing, meaning there isn’t much difference in having an electric vehicle or a petrol/diesel vehicle.

Costs are expected to come down in the future for electric vehicles as well as the price of charging them. Industry group ‘Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ predict that electric and diesel/petrol vehicles should roughly cost the same by the ‘end of this decade’.

Source: BBC News

What vehicle do you have? Electric, Diesel or Petrol?

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